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BISS's bioreactor grips were designed specifically to secure native tissue, 3D scaffolds, and tissue engineered samples for cell culture or characterization. All components biologically inert,  fully submersible and corrosion resistant, and can be steam sterilized for repeated sterile use. Grips can be used within bioreactor chambers or alone and are compatible with bioreactor systems and standard BISS test frames.

Features & Benefits

  • The BISS bioreactor grips are designed specifically to secure biological tissue, providing an appropriate balance of power and delicacy to test and protect your samples.
  • All components are fully submersible and corrosion resistant.
  • All chamber components are bioinert and made of materials that can be steam sterilized at 121C and 17-20psi.

40N Wedge Action Grips
Max Sample Width: 4mm
Max Sample Thickness: 2.5mm
40N Screw Action Grips - 6
Max Sample Width: 6mm
Max Sample Thickness: 4mm
40N Screw Action Grips - 10
Max Sample Width: 10mm
Max Sample Thickness: 4mm
40N Zero-Clamp Grip
Mold Diameter: 4.7mm
Mold Diameter: 4.7mm

                      40N Wedge Action Grips                                                    40N Screw Action Grips                                             40N Zero-Clamp Grips


Did you know that BISS TGT has a wide range of products for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (TERM) Applications? Our innovative material testing technology is the most comprehensive commercial solution for the TERM market! We are proud to present BISS TGT TERM.



  • Children's Mercy Hospital and Clinics
  • Cook Biotech
  • Drexel University
  • FDA Center for Devices and Radiological Health
  • Gel-Del Technologies
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